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Tom+WilkinsonOver 15 years ago we started a vermiculture company to demonstrate how people could convert household organic food waste, coffee grounds, grass clippings, shredded leaves, some composted animal wastes, and assorted organic wastes into a soil conditioner (vermicompost, aka worm poop and compost fines) to restore garden soil instead of having this valuable material buried in a landfill.
By feeding broad-spectrum organic compost to composting worms (Eisenia fetida) the quantity and quality of diverse microorganisms is multiplied as many as 20 times that of ordinary compost.
In 2012 we were shown how adding biochar (horticultural charcoal) to our vermicompost would result in reduced irrigation needs, sequestration of atmospheric carbon, and remarkable plant growth improvements.
AbonoChar LLC was formed to blend these ingredients into our line of premium BioPreta products. AbonoChar LLC  is a registered Soil Conditioner Manufacturer. We are growing and we hope you will grow with us!


Tom Wilkinson, the founder of AbonoChar LLC and author of “Beyond Compost, +”, tries to personally attend many festivals, markets, and events from May to November.

During these months, Tom is available to give presentations, for which he only charges enough to cover his own expenses. We feel that personal contact with students, customers, and dealers is vital to our growth. Please contact him early to schedule a visit. His schedule varies, with high priority given to schools, and festivals.

To contact Tom (or if this website is not functioning properly), email him at tomas@biopretasupersoil.com.

Check out Tom’s book, “Beyond Compost, +!” Now available en español!

"Beyond Compost, +"

“Beyond Compost, +”

AbonoChar LLC is a family-owned company that WAS based in Hastings, Michigan.We have moved to a new location at:

6200 Hall St., SE; Grand Rapids MI 49546

Thank you for supporting locally-owned businesses!

We hope you enjoy BioPreta as much as we do!


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