Tom+WilkinsonAbonoChar LLC is a family-owned company with our Administrative Office at 328 W. Court St. in Hastings, Michigan; 49058-1621; USA.AbonoChar LLC

Fifteen years ago we started a vermiculture company to demonstrate how people could convert yard waste, household organic waste and other stuff into a soil conditioner (VermiCompost, aka worm poop) to restore garden soil instead of having this valuable material buried in a landfill. By feeding broad-spectrum organic compost to composting worms the quantity of diverse microorganisms is multiplied as many as 20 times that of ordinary compost.

Our book “Beyond Compost, +” describes how to build a medium-sized worm farm. It is available also in Spanish.15-VermiChester

"Beyond Compost, +"

“Beyond Compost, +”

In 2012 we were shown how adding biochar (horticultural charcoal) to our VermiCompost would result in reduced irrigation needs, sequestration of atmospheric carbon, and remarkable plant growth improvements. AbonoChar LLC was formed to blend these ingredients into our line of BioPreta products.

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Tom still does presentations between May and November to groups and charges enough to cover travel, meals, etc. His schedule varies, with high priority given to schools, and festivals. Email him.

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